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A logo is something personal to you or at least it should feel like it. You should feel proud of your business logo, keen to share it and put it on all of your marketing material.

It's something very simple really, just a picture. However, it will mean a lot to you with each colour just right and every drawn line in just the right place.

A logo is often the first thing that people will see when they discover your business. It will be on the top of your web site (like ours), on your business cards, on posters and probably at the bottom of your e-mails... so it's important that it's perfect.

Like many of the things that we do (web site design, content writing) we won't just produce something and wash our hands of it. We know what it's like when something isn't quite right the first time and so it may take a few minor adjustments, so we won't stop until the logo is perfect.

Final version

We provide unlimited design revisions until we get it just right for you and once complete, we'll send you the logo in a variety of formats so that they can be used on your web site, business cards and even printed on t-shirts.


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