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Reasons to avoid free web site builders

There are a raft of companies out there offering free web site builders. Some and better than others but generally in life, and it's true with web site as well, you get what you pay for.

Yes, of course you might say that we would be bias but if you ask our customers you will know that we offer help to anyone and will never try to 'push' a sale. We're open and honest about what we do and unfortunately, lots of people out there are not. If you're still cynical then keep reading as I'm sure we can convince you...

With each of the free web site builders there are of course downsides. Nobody is offering the tools for you to build a web site for free without getting something in return.


Unprofessional and slow

Wix, one of the biggest of this type of company plaster your 'free' site with adverts for their own. Not only does this slow your site down but it also makes it look unprofessional. It's perfectly fine for a personal blogging site but if you are setting up a business site, the last thing you want is something that's slow and advertises someone else's company.


Weebly are another company offering free web sites. Like Wix, they will plaster your site with adverts so you will have to pay them a monthly fee to remove these. You'll need to increase your monthly payments again if you would like to talk to their support team. All of a sudden your free web site is starting to cost quite a bit of money.

Web sites are tricky beasts to manage and like your business, they tend to grow. As you add new products or services, you will want to advertise these on your site quickly and if support isn't included, you may end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out technical issues when really you should be concentrating on your business.


Each of these 'free' web site builders are advertised as being easy to use and full of features. Unfortunately they are two things that rarely go together. With ease of use, you lose functionality and one of the main functions of a web site is its ability to perform well in search engines.

Search engine optimisation is crucial for any business web site. You may have a fantastic looking web site but what's the point if you're stuck down on page six of the search results?

We've moved many customers over from sites which they've built on Wix, Weebly or similar in the past and by creating a new site, in a functional system they have rocketed up the search engine results pages.

The main focus reason for these systems is to allow anyone who wants to, to build a web site. The focus is not on functionality of making a system that is capable of getting a business found online.

Unfortunately when it comes to free web sites the old adage 'if it looks to good to be true...' is accurate.