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Faversham Activity Centre

faversham activity centre

Based in Faversham, Kent, Faversham Activity Centre hosts and runs a huge number of fitness activities for local residents.

The centre started in 1979 but moved to their new building in 2003. The centre offers a fitness gym with weights area, treadmills, fitness bikes and rowing machines. They also offer junior gymnastic classes and adult fitness activities. The building includes a soft play area and is a great place to hold children's birthday parties.

The centre approached us a couple of months ago to see if we could boost their web site in the search rankings. They were having a number of problems including not appearing anywhere in the search results for phrases such as 'indoor soft play Faversham', 'Faversham gym' and 'Faversham activity centre'.

These were important phrases because people looking for information on the centre simply could not find it because the web site was not appearing anywhere in the top eight pages of Google search results.

We made a number of changes to the web site to make it more search engine friendly, adding additional information and changing some of the web site's coding. We made these changes over the course of the last couple of months and the site is now ranking:

  • 'Indoor soft play Faversham' - ranked number one in Google
  • 'Faversham gym' - ranked third in Google
  • 'Faversham activity centre' - ranked number one in Google

We are still working on the site to improve things further and we're now moving on to other search terms, to help move the site up the rankings for these as well.

Their web site is: www.favershamactivitycentre.co.uk


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